Plant label logbook

As I gather, from a lot of varied sources, more and more perennial plants, it has become more and more evident that I need a logbook to keep track of the plants and to keep a consistent system of abbreviations that are used on the labels I use on the plants.


I’ve listed 6 different source categories in the logbook, and with room to add additionally 6 of your own. The categories are listed in the front of the book for easy access when you make your labels.

Plant label logbook - acorn cover
Plant label logbook – Acorn cover

I’ll make a few variants of the cover to hit more preferences when it comes to style.

I’ve experimented with a few different “permanent” pens and label machines, but haven’t found one that lasts years. For this season I will attempt to use a paint-based pen. If it is a success then I’ll link some examples later on, but right now I can’t recommend anything as I’ve not had great success so far.


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