Which Herbs To Plant In Hugelkultur beds

If you're a gardener looking for a sustainable and low-maintenance way to grow your own herbs, Hugelkultur beds might be just the solution you're looking for. Hugelkultur beds, which are also known as "mound gardens," are a gardening technique that originated in Germany and Eastern Europe. They involve creating raised…

Where to get seeds?

Collect your own seeds This year I've started to collect fruit tree seeds/pits and grow plants from them. Everyone in our household has been told they can eat as much fruit as they can as normal, but they have to save the seeds. Quite a few of the apple seeds…

Hugelkultur mistakes

Hugelkultur, a centuries-old sustainable gardening technique, has gained significant attention for its eco-friendly approach to soil enrichment and water conservation. While the method offers numerous advantages, from enhanced soil fertility to efficient water usage, the road to a successful Hugelkultur garden is fraught with potential mistakes. These errors can not…

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